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make money from the Facebook and Twitter with fanslave Site

As the first provider in the world FanSlave allows you to make money with your Facebook page.
After the successful registration, you can click through the pages of the FanSlave network. If you like the page, you get FanSlave credits for your efforts, which you can cash out after reaching the minimum payout of € 15.

Fanslave is not a scam and you probably could make more money by implementing it with your business. After creating this Fanslave review, and researching other Fanslave reviews, there are more and more products like these that target using Facebook as a platform for product-promotion.

Fan slave
This the location from which you can profit from Facebook and Twitter , The site landing many ads throughout the day.
All that will do is press the button ''like'' or '' j' aime''on the top of the pages that give you the Website by language used by the account holder.
And follow-up of the site daily in order to arrive as quickly as the minimum to request payment ..
And payment in euros on the banks .. Alertpay و Paypal.

Conditions of Registration:
- You must have all account whether Twitter or Facebook five friends or more.
- Very necessary that you will have a picture on your profile.
- After registration you can work only on the pages of Facebook and Twitter as well at any time you want.
 Follow the pictures and commentary
FIRST Click on the order (Create an account)
after you enter your data, Click a button
I Accept create my Account

 After completion of the registration Log in to the fanslave site directly without activating the e-mail, then you'll find this button on the home page for the account 

After entering the account click button
F Connect

After the click you will be redirected to YOUR Facebook ACCOUNT

 After logging in you will find this page, you must agree to allow the site to know all the information in your account.

Fanslave not spying on your information, but rather to know the pages that you press the button " Like "

to open your account on Facebook or Twitter
Go to a place hidden next to the order (Account)
Enough to press it until it opens your Account in a second page

 These are mostly companies and international companies or big bands or by persons acting in a particular area,
And the Secretariat i did not notice pages  affect religion or modesty.

After clicking on the ads will all open in separate tabs, as you can see, Go into each page and press ’’like’’ or ‘’ j'aime’’ button Or by the language used by the account holder

Then enter the web page and put pressure on the button-like gear then will open a new page of adds

 Wait until the download is complete, and return to the site, most often arise that the value of clicks has been added to your account,

 if they did not add Follow the following steps:
The first way is to press the refresh button under the word Credit.
The second method: open the My Account menu and click on the order Face book overview

to connect our account in fan Slave site  to our account in Twitter follow the following

Open your account menu
then press
Twitter Overview

The same goes for your account on Twitter after approval, will return to the Fanslave site and you will find companies that appeared in your account

to earn money From twitter all you have to do is click on the button

Follow me

The fanslave.com affiliate program
Refer new users for fanSlave and earn money. Just send the following link to your friends, or use this link on your website. Every user who registers at fanSlave by clicking this link is assigned to you.

Lifetime-Commission: 15%
You earn money when users earn or buy credits at fanSlave.
You refer two new users. The first user earns 10000 credits at fanSlave. You will receive 1500 credits as commission.
The second user buys 100000 Credits. You will receive 15000 as commission.
Overall, you get 16500 credits. This corresponds to 82.50 EUR!
New: Get commission by referring resellers
If you refer a reseller, you will get a lifetime-commission (1,5%) for all customers / users the reseller refers.
How to withdraw money when you reach the minimum 15 euros
Open the My Account drop-down list
We choose order (Cashout) Until we enter on the page when you access a collection of the minimum

Do not forget!!
Place the fanSlave page in favorite sites in Explorer browser or bookmarks the page in Firefox browser
fanSlave page > Bookmarks menu > bookmark this page > done.

I hope that explanation is clear and easy for all

Registration link again